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To Help Your Marketing Team

As a Salisbury based printer established for over 20 years, we have experienced many changes especially with the ever increasing demand to keep up with the world of digital online marketing.

Even with the necessity these days of a top notch on-line presence producing physical print such as magazines, brochures, catalogues, reports, books, leaflets, flyers, letterheads, posters and banners  still has an important part to play for many businesses marketing.

Research from “Top Media” has found that 70 percent of their customers believe print advertising is more likely to remembered  when seen compared to online advertising.  Also, earlier this year newspaper “The Guardian” reported from one of its polls that a little as just 24% of the UK population currently trusts social media digital advertising on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram when they are looking for news and information.

Digital media is here to stay but these finding give a strong hint that print also has a very prominent place especially as this distrust across digital platforms continues to grow across public and private sector organisations.

With marketing budgets feeling the pinch how do we keep the costs down?


Print for maximum effect

Don’t settle for poor design or a penny pinching approach to your physical print. There will need to be compromises made as budgets are important but speak to us about how might get the best of both worlds. A good example would be the use of specialised coatings on press to create an expensive look and feel.


Focus on key markets

Physical print can be expensive so a more targeted approach often gets the best results and keeps your print budget down. So for example whilst some of our customers have stopped printing physical catalogues others have reduced the quantity and made sure their key buyers have a physical copy to hand. Feed-back suggests this can often be the best approach.

For cheaper products such as leaflets flooding the market can still be the best approach with door to door mailings and magazine/newspaper inserts surprisingly cost effective. Printing these items in bulk on our larger equipment brings the unit cost right down.


Choose the right paper and finishes

We can help you with this. Your designer might have ideas but sometimes it’s a question of using coatings on press to create the effect you want rather than spending unnecessarily on an expensive brand. In simple terms it’s a choice of silk/satin(terms almost synonymous), gloss, matt coated or uncoated. All of our stocks are either FSC® or PEFC certified.

Be wary of adding laminate as a finish when coatings might do instead. Unless you pay extra for bio-degradable laminate the product then becomes more difficult to recycle effectively.

Spot UV, foiling and embossing are useful finished giving you that extra quality feel and suitable mostly for smaller print runs due to costs.


Find the right print company

I know the reader might be expecting to say choose us but sometimes we will point people elsewhere. So in our case we are suitable for the majority of medium to large sized businesses and not-for-profit organisations. If we can’t produce the job in-house we will say so. Be wary of a good web-site hiding a lack of physical print production capabilities. Customers are always welcome to visit either of our production facilities in Salisbury and Acton.

Check out and find out how easy it can be to work with a printer that really understands your needs.