Vegetable Based Ink

Colourview Printers use only vegetable-based printing inks as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment.

Sarum Colourview conforms to the ISO 14001 standard.

Renewable Energy

To reduce our environmental footprint Colourview printers generate approximately 25,000kwh of electricity per annum from solar panels under agreed Feed in Tariff arrangements.


For a sizeable manufacturing company we generate a very low level of landfill waste.

All metal, paper, cardboard and most plastics are collected for recycling and any surplus/used ink or chemicals are disposed of using only appropriately licensed companies.

Paper & FSC® certification

Sarum Colourview are proud to be FSC certified printers

The source of wood pulp and the manufacturing processes can cause environmental damage when not responsibly managed.

Our FSC Certificate

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